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Have you ever wondered what kind of advice you would receive if your therapist was a 4 year old?

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Summer is my least favorite season of the year, but only because I’m a vampire.  In order to survive the heat, I have some tricks for staying cool.  Just call me “DraCOOLa.” 

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There are many wonderful uses for apple cider vinegar. In this webisode, I explain a particular use that I wish I knew about when I was an 18 year old Catholic school girl.


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Dye Hard

You go to a party wearing a white article of clothing.  You decided to make red wine your beverage of choice.  Some douche bag bumps into you.  You pretend like it’s ok.


But you’d like to wreak havoc.


Rest easy… the world is not going to end because you got wine on your clothing.  Follow these easy steps.

1.  Soak your wine stained garment in red wine (yes, WINE) for 24 hours.


2.  Rinse garment in the sink until the water runs clear.  Drink wine while doing this.


3.  Wash and dry garment and then take a serious “contemplating” pic while wearing your newly stained shirt.


I was surprised that my white t-shirt ended up being a soft lavender/grey hue after a wine soak and cold wash (thought it would be pink or light red).  I dig it.

That is all.  Carry on.

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"High & Tight" is always best, so I made a little tutorial on how to keep your lady parts that way.  You’re welcome.

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In honor of Memorial Day, my love for the military, and natural remedies, I made a little video for your viewing and giggle pleasure. My hilarious brother, Matt, co-stars with me. To all of those who have served, thank you.  

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